Who can benefit from Kontomatik?

Banking Institutions

Customers often choose unsuitable products because of lack of information. Until now. The service introduced by Kontomatik allows penetration of banking transaction systems, aggregation, analysis and processing of data. And this data is an opportunity for strong growth for banks with attractive products.


Instant KYC


Credit Scoring


Contextual Offers


Online Lenders

Kontomatik lets you make your services faster, safer and more reliable. With Kontomatik you can now perform instant KYC by asking a client to authenticate using his banking credentials. Next to it, you can perform a detailed credit scoring based on the actual banking history. You will get the market-leading stability, security and data quality.




Global Leadership




Start-ups and PFM Apps

Developing your own application takes lots of resources. Kontomatik lets you focus on what you are doing best. Supreme technology of Kontomatik connects bank accounts of your users with your system in a secure and efficient way. This way you can develop a superior application while being backed up with a great technology.


Easy to Integrate


Start-up friendly