The Kontomatik Status page displays the status of Kontomatik API banks, marking downtime events from last 7 days. Only hard downtimes - when a bank is completely unavailable for all the users - will be shown here. Occasional errors for a few users will not be displayed. The banks which are not present on the Kontomatik Status page are monitored internally. To learn more, check the FAQ section or contact [email protected]


The bank I am interested in is not present on the Status page

Only stable banks are present on the Status page, i.e. those whose target e-banking system is of reasonably good quality (constantly online except for extraordinary circumstances, behaves in a predictable way). Some banks require special attention and are monitored internally. To learn the status of such banks, please contact [email protected]

A few of my clients failed to log in but the Status page shows that everything is fine

Only hard downtimes will be visible on the Kontomatik Status page. It means that a bank is either not working at all, or our service has major issues importing data from the banking system. Few consecutive login failures won’t be visible here.