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Recent changes in the documentation of our products:

Date Documentation Changes
2023-02-06 Banking API
  • Added new feature in beta stage - Data Summary
2022-12-01 Banking API
PDF Parsing
  • Removed deprecated owner field from account structure.
2022-11-08 Banking API
  • Added info about new `delete-multiple-access.xml` command.
2022-11-03 Banking API
  • Added new labels.
2022-10-20 Banking API
  • Deprecated the Aggregated Values feature.
2022-10-18 Banking API
  • Removed the deprecated method of creating test session automatically (test-session.xml).
2022-10-18 Banking API
PDF Parsing
  • Changed the removal date of the deprecated owner field to 22/11/2022.
2022-09-23 Banking API
PDF Parsing
  • Added `removeKontomatik()` and `removeKontomatikPdf()` functions to reload the Widget.
2022-09-22 Banking API
  • Added info about new error `NoDataToCalculateScore` in error handling section.
2022-09-14 Banking API
  • Reworked existing labels descriptions.
  • Added new labels.
2022-07-04 Banking API
PDF Parsing
  • Changed the removal date of deprecated fields and methods to 3/10/2022.
2022-05-12 PDF Parsing
  • Added steps for testing PDF Parsing service and how to generate KontoBank statements.
2022-03-29 Banking API
  • Added new Banking API Widget exception (UnsupportedBrowser) shown to users with old browsers which don't support all Widget features.
2022-02-10 Banking API
  • Added new API exception (DefaultImportAlreadyExecuted) thrown when trying to call Default Import twice in the same session.
  • Reworked testing section - introduced new testing API based on KontoBank mock accounts, deprecated old testing API, reworked descriptions.
  • Removed unused Banking API Widget parameter - clientIdentity.
2022-02-02 Banking API
  • Removed cancel.xml command.
2022-02-09 Banking API
PDF Parsing
Zero-integration Solution
  • Changed Kontomatik logo.
2022-01-25 Banking API
  • Added new Banking API Widget callback (onSessionCreated) called after user chooses their bank and sessionId is created.
2021-11-25 Banking API
PDF Parsing
  • Removed information about the option to pass the API key in string query as the method is now deprecated.
2021-11-22 Banking API
PDF Parsing
  • Added new data structure containing owners information in accounts.
  • Deprecated old owner field in accounts.
2021-11-18 Banking API
  • Updated descriptions for multiple labels in Lending API.
2021-11-15 Banking API
  • Reworked Testing section to describe the manual testing process more in detail.
2021-09-16 PDF Parsing
  • Added new API exception (JobsQuotaExceeded) for when API user exceeds the max possible value of concurrent commands.

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Banking API

Read-only API to banks. Import all data from any supported bank into your system.

Parsing API

PDF parsing API enables checking PDF statements against tampering attempts.

Zero-integration solution

Easy integration with access to data via Customer Platform.

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