Kontomatik reads data from banks. Kontomatik is able to read personal data, account balances and full statements from any supported bank.

To do that, Kontomatik will need end user bank credentials (most often a bank login and password). To ask the end user for his bank credentials, we offer a widget that you can easily paste into your website. The widget looks like this:

SignIn Widget

After the user signs into his bank using the widget, you will be able to download his banking data as a crisp Excel file. The data will be accessible from Kontomatik Insight - a web app that enables our clients to do manual imports.

Download the example Excel spreadsheet here. The password is Test123.

The above file contains no sensitive data. This is just to give you some rough idea of what to expect. Please understand the file layout and all details can change as we improve the technology.

Test access

Use the test access for testing the service.

The test access is fully-featured and unrestricted, including real data import.

We kindly ask you to not use it for production purposes.

Request test access at

Production access

To request your production access, please contact our Sales.

How does it work?

How can I start?

That’s all! Go to your website and try it out.

SignIn Widget

Kontomatik SignIn Widget is an HTML5 iframe element that you embed on your website by calling our JavaScript.

Embedding the widget

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <script src="">
  <div id="kontomatik"></div>

      client: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID', // TODO: replace with your client id
      divId: 'kontomatik',
      onSuccess: function() {
          End user successfully signed in to the bank.
          Kontomatik started importing data in the background.
          It will take from a few seconds to a few minutes.
          To simplify things we assume everything will go well with the data import.
          Lets show the finishing message to the user already!
        // TODO: customize it to your needs
        var kontomatikDiv = document.getElementById("kontomatik");
        kontomatikDiv.innerHTML = "Thank you! We will review your application and get back to you shortly.";
      country: 'es',  // TODO: pick your country
      locale: 'en',   // TODO: pick your locale
      ownerExternalId: null,  // TODO: replace null with anything that will allow you to match the Insight financial reports with your end user
      showFavicons: true,
      autoImport: {
        sinceMonths: 3

Please take the example on the right as a proven starting point.

To manually embed the widget on your web page: