How to move to production

Typically, all our clients start their implementation right away on the test environment and then smoothly switch to production with changing only a few things.

Switching between production and test account in Insight

To be able to manage your production account, you need to switch to it on the Insight platform. After having logged in, you should see your account name on the left top The test environment access will be the one with the suffix “-test” and probably the one already selected if you haven’t configured the production account yet.

To switch from one to the other you need to click the arrow next to the account name and then choose the one you want. After selecting the appropriate account, you can manage your API account.

If the arrow is not visible, that means you only have the test account available. It probably means that not all formalities have been met and perhaps your contract still needs to be processed. If you believe your contract should’ve been processed by now, please contact your sales representative at Kontomatik to create the production environment.

API keys

As in the case of the test environment, API keys will be necessary to send the API requests and you can’t use the same ones for both environments. Hence you’ll have to generate a new API key in Insight and then use it in your application for the production environment. For instructions on how to create a new API key, please consult How to navigate through Insight.

IP address

You need to whitelist the IP addresses from which you will send requests to Kontomatik API. You can add the addresses in the Management tab in Insight - for details please visit the How to navigate through Insight section.

Production API endpoint

For production API, the endpoint you are sending requests to is now instead of For the production endpoint, you will not be able to execute commands that are only available to the test environment (for example, creating a mock session).


This is a parameter used in the SignIn Widget embed code. Same as you have two accounts visible in Insight, you will have to use one of them - one for the test and one for production. To use the Widget in production, use the clientId parameter value without the suffix “-test” as visible in Insight.

Production vs test environment

Aspect Production Test
API keys You need to generate it in Insight. You need to generate it in Insight.
IP address You need to add the IP addresses in Insight in order to be able to use the API. The whitelist contains a wildcard * IP address to make it easier for your developers.
clientId yourcompanyname yourcompanyname-test
List of banks One target visible for each bank, no mock bank (KontoBank) Both bank interfaces (API and Fallback), mock bank (KontoBank), banks in the development stage
Services As stated in your contract All or most of the services

Tips after switching to a production environment

After having correctly configured all of the above, you should verify which banks appear in the Widget, perform a real account import and verify the API response or look how the data looks like in Insight.


For technical documentation, refer to our unified documentation that offers comprehensive support for customers integrating with AIS services, our PDF parser, and Data Analysis solutions. Discover detailed guidance on seamless integration with Kontomatik services and explore their full range of capabilities.



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