since vs maxImportDate

When integrating the Kontomatik SignIn Widget, you’ll come across two similar parameters: “maxImportDate” and “since”. While they both dictate the earliest date for importing transactions, they serve slightly different purposes.

What is the difference?

maxImportDate: This parameter is set in our widget within the embedKontomatik() function and sets the maximum date for the import. Transactions older than this specified date won’t be downloaded. Setting it is also crucial for us because we can be aware of the maximum date our clients require transactions to be fetched from. This helps us adjust the login process for a longer range of transactions if needed. You can learn more about how to set this and other widget parameters here.

since: This parameter also limits the age of imported transactions and can be adjusted with each import. It is included when sending a Default Import request and is lower in the hierarchy - if the range set in since is higher than the value set in the maxImportDate widget parameter, the data import will not exceed the date set in maxImportDate. You can find more information about this topic here.

These two parameters exist in parallel due to backwards compatibility: maxImportDate is a newer parameter that lets us adjust the login process depending on your needs since the PSD2 regulations have been introduced. However, since has always been a part of our API and has to remain there for consistency and compatibility reasons.

Example usage

Here is an example of a proper use of these two parameters:

parameters description
maxImportDate = 2024-01-01
since = 2024-02-01
In this example “since” is in the maximum import date range. Only transactions made after the 1st of February will be imported.
maxImportDate = 2024-01-01
since = 2023-12-01
Here, the date set in “since” exceeds the limit set by “maxImportDate”. Only transactions made after the 1st of January will be imported.

Setting a range higher than 90 days

If you want to import more than 90 days of transactions you’ll have to use an additional forceSca parameter in the SignIn Widget. You can learn more about how to do so properly by following this user guide: Getting more than 90 days of data.


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