Zero-integration solution vs full integration

The choice of installation method holds significant importance for ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process. At Kontomatik, we prioritize clarity and flexibility, offering two distinct integration options tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Each method offers a unique pathway to seamlessly incorporate our services into your platform, each designed to accommodate diverse integration needs and technical proficiencies.

Simplified Integration Without Backend Connectivity

For those prioritizing simplicity and rapid deployment, our simplified integration option offers a straightforward setup process. Follow these steps to get started:

Full Integration for Enhanced Backend Control

For users seeking comprehensive control and seamless integration with backend systems, our full integration option delivers advanced functionalities.

This option allows for complete integration of our API with your backend systems, providing enhanced functionality and control.

Here’s how to proceed:

Choose the integration approach that aligns with your technical capabilities and integration requirements, enabling you to maximize the potential of our API within your expectations.


For technical documentation, refer to our unified documentation that offers comprehensive support for customers integrating with AIS services, our PDF parser, and Data Analysis solutions. Discover detailed guidance on seamless integration with Kontomatik services and explore their full range of capabilities.



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