Multiple access (beta)


Multiple access service allows you to get a consent for continuous access to the end-user’s data for up to 90 days without them having to log in to their account each time you request the data.

The service is based on the Banking API, despite having some differences on its own.

How does it work?

In order to use this Multiple access you need to sign a contract for the service, it is a separate feature that is billed differently than regular Banking API service (Single mode access).

Once you’ve done that, you need to:

  1. Adjust your SignIn Widget code to specify access mode.
  2. After the user successfully signs in, you will receive multipleAccessId for later use.
  3. Each time you want to download fresh data, call Reuse Multiple access endpoint to get new session information.
  4. Import data as you would in Banking API

You will find more detailed information in our Documentation

Are there any limitations?

Yes, due to technical reasons and PSD2 as well as RTS regulations, there are some limits involved:

  1. The access is given for up to 90 days. The period can be shortened if either the bank or the user revoke the access earlier.
  2. Using Multiple access, you can import up to 90 days of transactional history. If you require access further back, you need to ask the user for a Single access and then go through the Multiple access process separately.
  3. Using Multiple access, you can import data up to 4 times in a 24 hour timeframe. This number can be lower if the user gave his account access to another company as well.


At the moment, Multiple access is available only for select targets in Poland - you will find them here (the targets using this feature will be marked “Yes” in the “Multiple access” column).

The service will only work with PSD2 API connections so if you’re switched to a fallback version of a given target, even for Single access, it will not work in the multiple access mode.

Please also note that the feature is in beta phase, so it might still have some bugs - if you encounter any, let us know!


Our standard package includes a basic fee per every active consent per 30 days, and an additional fee for every new session created over the limit of 10 every 30 days per active consent.

Sessions that end in an error are not counted towards the limit of 10 as well as the basic 30 day fee will not apply if no sessions are successful within that period. However:

  • if no import is made within that period, the basic fee will still apply;
  • essions abandoned by you after you’ve used the Reuse Multiple access endpoint will be added to your 10 sessions limit usage.

The basic fee is applied for every 30-day period started - if the consent has been withdrawn before that, you will still be charged fully for that period.

Contact our Sales team team to get more info and a quote for your business.

As we recently launched this service, we don’t have enough production usage to be sure that the service is sufficiently stable. There might be some bugs (including major ones) that we haven’t encountered yet - either in banks’ APIs or on our side.

Additionally, with more clients testing the service, we might make adjustments to fit better the actual usage and improve user experience.

Please note that this also means changes in our API and documentation, some of which will need to be implemented by you more often than when it comes to our stable services. The changes might cover supported banks, integration methods, used parameters, terms of use or any other part of the feature.

We will look into expanding the service as soon as the beta phase concludes.

With that said, we are still limited by some APIs’ basic quality as well as actual demand in certain clients for this service.

If you have any specific banks or countries in mind, contact our Sales team to discuss your needs.

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