Zero Integration Solution


If you don’t want to store sensitive banking data on your servers or just don’t want to integrate API into your product, then Zero-integration is definitely what you are looking for. One change in the parameters of Kontomatik SignIn Widget makes importing of the data happen automatically after the end-user logs in. The data is then sent straight to our servers and you will be able to see the results in our Insight portal.

Supported features

Zero-integration solution imports all the available data:

Sample workflow

  1. embed Kontomatik SignIn widget on your website
  2. set the “autoImport” parameter together with the “since” parameter
  3. set the “ownerExternalId” parameter to find the end-user later
  4. set the onSuccess() and onError() callbacks to perform actions on your frontend after the user logs in
  5. find the data in the Insight portal


The Zero-integration solution is a SignIn widget mechanism that allows to start importing data automatically after the user successfully logged in to the bank. After the import is finished, the data will be available to see in the Insight portal.

The main advantage of using this solution is that the data will not pass through your servers and as a result you will not be exposed to any security related issues. Moreover, it also takes the burden off you of integrating the Banking API into your pipeline.

After you have embedded the SignIn widget into your website, you will need to set the autoImport parameter along with the since parameter » in the widget.

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Banking API

Read-only API to banks. Import all data from any supported bank into your system.

Parsing API

PDF parsing API enables checking PDF statements against tampering attempts.

Zero-integration solution

Easy integration with access to data via Customer Platform.



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