How to create a flow for multiple banks from one user

This user guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to import the data of one user from multiple banks. To achieve this, you’ll need to show the widget as many times as there are bank accounts from which you want to import data using the same ownerExternalId for every unique session.

ownerExternalId coverage

Using the ownerExternalId identifier, you can seamlessly combine data from multiple sources into one place. The Owner data aggregation feature allows you to collect and consolidate information from different places, including PDF documents, owner uploads, and AIS data.

Step-by-step instructions

To aggregate the imported data from multiple sources (different banks or accounts), make sure to use the same ownerExternalId value for all of the user’s import sessions. This ensures that the data is correctly associated with the user.

  1. Display the widget and prompt the user to log in with their first bank account.

  2. After the user logs in, initiate the data import process on your side. Now you can ask the user to choose whether they want to import more accounts or finish the process.

  3. If the user agrees to add another account, show the widget again while using the same ownerExternalId. In case you load the widget dynamically on your frontend , please refer to “Reloading the widget” section in our documentation to correctly handle the proces.

  4. Now the user will be able to choose a different bank and log in. Ask them to go through the process again.

  5. After the user successfully logs in to the second bank, initiate the data import process on your side.

  6. If the user wants to import more accounts repeat the previous steps for each additional bank account.

  7. Once all bank accounts have been imported using the same ownerExternalId, you can extract the aggregated result using the Aggregated Data endpoint


For technical documentation, refer to our unified documentation that offers comprehensive support for customers integrating with AIS services, our PDF parser, and Data Analysis solutions. Discover detailed guidance on seamless integration with Kontomatik services and explore their full range of capabilities.



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