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Kontomatik offers products designed to empower clients who want to get access to and process banking data.

Our products include Banking API, Zero-integration solution, PDF Parsing API, Data Analysis solutions as well as Client Area (Insight).

We created this portal to make it easier for developers to use these products, but also to explain in depth what features each one has.

Our products and services

Banking API

Our flagship SaaS product that allows you to import end-user data from their online banking system. It comes with a user-friendly front-end widget for easy logins and data import via the backend API.

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Zero-integration solution

Ideal for those who prefer not to store sensitive banking data on their servers or integrate the API into their product in easy way. The widget from the Banking API can automatically start the import process and send data to our servers, accessible for you through our web portal called Insight.

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PDF Parsing API

Our second flagship product extracts data from PDF bank documents and transforms it into an easy-to-process format. It also verifies the PDF’s integrity to detect tampering.

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Data Analysis

Our Data Analysis features provide pre-built tools for client assessment using aggregated owner data. The Labeling service offers transaction labels for analysis, while the Score evaluates the owner’s financial situation, linked to the Labeling service. Additionally, we offer an Income Confirmation service that verifies and confirms the owner’s income, enhancing the accuracy of financial evaluations and Data Summary which offers a summary of owner data with categorized metrics.

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Multiple access

Based on our Banking API, Multiple access service allows you to get a consent for continuous access to the end-user’s data for up to 180 days without them having to log in to their account each time you request the data.

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Client Area (Insight)

A web portal to quickly assess imported banking data without importing it to your servers. Configure API connections, explore usage statistics, and view results from transaction labeling and scoring.

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The Banking API allows you to import data from the end-user account from any supported bank to your system. To do that, the user has to log in to a bank via our SignIn Widget. The widget is provided along with the API. To find out more about the widget please refer to widget section of the technical documentation here ».

After the end-user logs in you get the session parameters from The SignIn Widget that you can use to perform an import. There are two ways in which you can do it:

  • Using Default import flow that downloads all available data with a single command
  • Using Advanced import flow to get only information that is necessary to you.

We highly recommend using the Default import as it’s easiest to integrate with. If you plan to use Advanced version to get all the data, you need to consider that the import will be slower, it’s easier to make an integration mistake, and you can’t mix it with the Default version.

You can find the features table here »

Kontomatik Banking API supports major banks in many countries and we’re ready to add more. Additionally in Poland we also offer a PDF Parsing API. On top of that, both APIs come with extensions adding high-level analytics and transaction labels to the raw data extracted from online banks or the PDF statements. To help you get to know our full capabilities we’ve prepared a spreadsheet containing:

  • covered countries, APIs and analytics products,
  • detailed list of integrated banks with features such as credit cards or type of accounts,
  • matrix of data possible to fetch from each bank,
  • supported banks via PDF parsing API,
  • list of available test accounts for Banking API.

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In some banks we do support corporate accounts. These banks will be tagged accordingly in the coverage table here », under the “Supported accounts” column.

However, please note that in most cases access to the account via PSD2 channels is blocked by default and any attempts to go through the Kontomatik process will result in an error on the redirection page. We have no control over this, nor do we get any feedback from the bank why an error occurred.

In such cases please inform the end-user that this option needs to be enabled in the online banking system - usually by a person with the highest access control, typically the account holder (owner or president of the company, CFO etc.).

This feature might be named differently in banks, but we’ve seen options such as “PSD2 consent” or “AIS / PIS / CAF access”.

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For technical documentation, refer to our unified documentation that offers comprehensive support for customers integrating with AIS services, our PDF parser, and Data Analysis solutions. Discover detailed guidance on seamless integration with Kontomatik services and explore their full range of capabilities.



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